New administrators join the staff

Sabrina Williams | Staff Writer

Joining us from Tejeda middle school, Julie Shore has joined our Staff as one of the new AP’s. She’s been enjoying her time here getting to know the campus and the students.

Every morning, Donald Smith gets ready for work. He puts on his full tailored suit, gets in his car, and arrives at his job exactly on time. His attire and attitude has been said to intimidate even the most rambunctious of teenagers. Misbehaven students and dress-code violators beware; there’s a new AP at Johnson, and he is unflinching and determined.

“About three weeks before I came here, I used to be the the interim principal of Driscoll Middle School,” Smith said.

At this time, Driscoll was in the grace period between two sitting principals, and when Smith was asked to come out of retirement to be their temporary principal, he didn’t hesitate to seize the opportunity.

“I knew I had retired prematurely,” Smith said, “I knew I shouldn’t have retired when I did. I wasn’t really ready to leave.”

Prior to retiring and switching places as AP with Steve Zimmerman, Smith was the principal of Madison High School.One of his reasons to come out of retirement was his love for students and teachers, and the school environment in general.

“It’s a very comfortable high school campus,” Smith said.

Before deciding to join the school administration, Smith spent his first 27 years of education as a sports coach, mostly coaching football.

“I felt like my coaching years were kind of behind me,” Smith said, “But I wanted to stay in the business.”

Also joining Smith is Julie Shore, who many may recognize from the administration at Johnson’s sister school, Tejeda Middle School.

“I remember Mrs.Shore,” sophomore Sonya Methias said. “ She was very nice back at Tejeda.”

Students also like how Shore adds to the Johnson environment.

“I think it’s nice that she came here with us,” Methias said. “It’s like having a part of our childhood with us.”

Before becoming apart of the Tejeda administration, Shore was apart of John Marshall High School’s staff.

“I was a high school dance team director at John Marshall High School for 10 years before moving into administration at Tejeda.” Shore said, “I loved that job but left that field to spend more time with my family.”

Now, Shore is able to reconnect with her other family – former students of Tejeda Middle School.

“I love that I have the opportunity to see some of the Johnson students grow from 6th graders to graduating seniors. That is so fun,” Shore said. “I remember so many of the Tejeda students, I do enjoying seeing so many of them growing up. Getting taller, looking older.”

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