Jags get ready to hit the road for the break

by Renee Delgado | staff writer

Christmas time is coming and that means two weeks off for students to relax, eat, and open presents, but instead of spending holidays in hometown San Antonio, Johnson students have different plans ahead.

“I’m going to Louisiana for the holidays. I’m gonna go visit family and see cousins I haven’t seen in God knows how long,” junior Peter Sifuentez said.

The holidays tend to bring families, that may have not seen each other in awhile, together and even the travel is worth the wait.

“We’re just gonna hang out and have fun, like race go karts in the streets or something. I haven’t seen my cousins in like four years so I’m super excited, it’ll be a lot of fun,” Sifuentez said.

Sophomore Stephen Weston is spending his holiday in the sunny town of Orlando, Florida.

“My family all meets down there because that’s where my grandparents live. We all cook together and just have a lot of fun,” Weston says.

The Christmas holidays wouldn’t be complete for Stephen and his family without traditional christmas decorations.

“We get really into Christmas. Our house lights up the entire neighborhood, it’s so awesome,” Weston said.

Although it’s only two weeks out of the school students look forward to this special time of year.

“I love going to Florida every year, it’s a really special tradition my family has and it’s a blast looking forward too,” Weston said.

On the other side of the United States you’ll find senior Jack Robles and his cousins, but he’s taking quite a different approach on his two week holiday break.

“I’m going to Los Angeles, California. I’m gonna go see my cousins over there and celebrate the holidays. We’re gonna party and go do stupid teenager stuff.”

The rush of senior year coming close to the end has the teenager going all out for the holidays.

“I’m excited to go to California, I haven’t been there in five or six years. California is more ‘party enthusiastic’ than Texas.” Robles said.

Although spending the holidays in your own home is refreshing, some people feel like holidays are more “homey” across the country than in their home state.

“I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else for the holidays,” Weston said.

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