Jags fall short to reagan

by Mac Paquette | sports editor

The Johnson Jags lost once again to the Reagan Rattlers 33-16 on a cool Saturday night at Comalander stadium.  The Jags started off hot, but the Rattlers were able to contain them for the rest of the game.

“It was really disappointing, we could have played better, but that can be said about every game, no game is ever perfect,” coach Michael Griffith said.

Once again, the Jags have fallen short against their arch-rivals in the district.  It was a hard fought game, with the Jags leading 16-13 at half, but they were shutout by Reagan in the 2nd half.

“Things seemed to be clicking pretty well offensively in the first half, both teams clearly made adjustments, we just didn’t get it done,” junior Abraham Garcia said.

The Jags had a great game in the special teams department, with an extra point being blocked and ran back for two points, and a kickoff returned for a touchdown from senior Devin Sizer.

“We have had two good special teams performances in a row now, we are understanding our assignments and executing them,” Sizer said.

Everyone around the school knows how much losing to Reagan hurts, but nobody suffers as much as the players.

“There aren’t any people hurting more than the players are right now, it was our game to play, and we didn’t finish on top, we will be able to keep our heads up for the rest of the year, we just have to push through,” senior Devin Baker said.

With a tough stretch of games upcoming for the Jags, they have to keep their energy high and maintain their focus.

“There are no easy games on our schedule, we have to take the same approach to every game and not look ahead to any certain game, we have a new season ahead of us with every game,” coach Ron Rittimann said.

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