Everyone is losing their minds in Mad Max!

by Amon Jackson | staff writer

It’s a mad mad world in director George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road. After 30 years, George Miller is finally back with his crazy adaptation of the of our future. In a dystopian future where the world runs out of oil, water, and other natural resources, former cop Max Rockatansky struggles to survive in the Australian Outback. The whole world runs dry and with Australia being one of the driest places on earth turns into a god forsaken desert where your only goal is to survive.

In this movie Max is captured by a mutated scavenger tribe of men called The War Boys and he is forced to give dying war boy Nux his blood. Meanwhile, Immortan Joe, the head of the War Boys, sends his Imperator Furiosa to go and collect gasoline for the tribe in her leaves in her heavily-armoured War Rig. Instead of collecting the gasoline Furiosa betrays Immortan Joe by saving or as he see it kidnapping his five wives – Splendid, Capable, Toast, The Dag, and Fragile. These women were specially selected because of their beauty and their lack diseases or mutations from the land’s bad conditions, and of course breeding purposes.

Joe gathers his entire army – and I mean an entire army – to pursue Furiosa for his wives. Meanwhile, Nux is so eager to go in the war party he straps Max to the front of his car so he can receive the blood while he’s on the Fury Road.

In this wasteland everyone lives around their cars. These cars are made to drive for months without stopping once. Like Furiosas war rig, its basically a Mac truck made up of smaller cars it even has to engines, and when the cars get damaged they don’t stop to fix it most the time they just fix it while on the road. The War Boys live and die for there cars so much they get tattoos and make hands signs that represent the V8 engines in their cars.

The verdict for this movie is 44 out of 4 Jag Paws. I really loved this movie – I truly couldn’t find a single thing I didn’t like about this movie. The plot was simple and straight to the point – run from these people, get to somewhere safe. The movie is super fast paced and the stunts are amazing. Mad Max is vehicle warfare done right and the Fast and the Furious franchise needs to take notes. Everyone is losing their minds in a world without hope, law, mercy, or sanity. When you go see this movie make sure you prepare because you might just lose a piece of your mind in this mad movie.



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