Classes that don’t get the time of day

by Lauren Holzmann | arts and entertainment editor

Everyone knows that the life of a high schooler is rigorous and challenging. However, sometimes completing assignments and staying on task for an extended period of time can seem increasingly more difficult as the day goes on.

With the semester drawing to a close, students are finding it harder and harder to be productive in their classes. As student’s lack of participation dwindles, the amount of work that gets completed subsequently decreases as well.

“I feel least productive in first period mainly because everything is a hassle in that class,” sophomore Adeola Dosummu said. “I don’t necessarily find it hard to participate unless I’m just tired and not motivated to do work.”

For some students, tuning out the people around them is sometimes necessary in order to complete their tasks.

“I usually work on something else or just try to pay attention to the teacher by tuning everyone else out,” Dosummu said.

Students often find it more difficult to focus in certain periods which affects their quality of their work.

“My least favorite part of the day is probably fifth period because it’s right after lunch and I have geometry,” freshman Mikayla Acosta said. “I don’t want to go to geometry because it’s hard, especially since we are working on the reviews right now.”

Other students think the first and last parts of the day bring the most challenging time to focus in on the material being presented in the lecture.

“My least favorite part of the school day would be the very beginning [of the day] or the very end, because there is the least amount of productivity and that’s when I’m not as concentrated,” Dosummu said.

However, students still find time amongst all the laziness to study in an attempt to maintain their grades at a tolerable level.

“I study at lunch and typically before school. It’s pretty easy for me to study in the orchestra room as long as I have my headphones, or if I go sit out in the hallway,” Acosta said.

For some students, there is a specific “sweet spot”- a place where studying can get done and time can be devoted to completing certain tasks.

“I feel the most productive in fifth period because by then I’ve picked up the pace of school again since I’ve been through four periods of constant drilling of different material,” Dosummu said.

Other students have a specific subject that really needs all the motivation they have to put in their best work and get the grades they need.

“[I feel productive] in eighth period World Geography, because we always have assignments and stuff, and we are always able to get a lot of stuff done because she gives us a lot of class time,” Acosta said.

No matter how hard it is to focus, students always find the time to get their work done to leave more free time for themselves in the future.

“I try and think about the positive sides,” Acosta said. “Like if I do it now, I won’t have to do it tomorrow or the next day. I can just do it now and just get it over with.”

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