Summertime on a dime

Slab Cinema shows movies in multiple exciting locations, such as on the La Villita Riverwalk.
Slab Cinema shows movies in multiple exciting locations, such as on the La Villita Riverwalk.

Before the seemingly endless summer days begin, many find themselves with tons of elaborate summer plans. However, these plans are usually short-lived because they cost money, and lots of it. Not all fun comes at a price, though, and San Antonio is filled with inexpensive activities, from movies to nature parks to museums.

Outdoor movie screenings are always fun, especially when they’re free. Slab Cinema will be screening free movies all across the city during the summer time. Outstanding locations and the blissful summer air are sure to make this movie experience one you don’t want to miss.

With low admission prices and breathtaking caverns, Natural Bridge Caverns is the place to hit for the adventurous soul. There are several different courses to choose from here that provide a cool escape from the humidity. Not only do these caverns hold some of the greatest hidden treasures in Texas, you might even learn something. Their hours are from 9 AM to 4 PM and tours depart every 40 minutes. Make sure to bring a raincoat and rainboots if it looks like there’s a chance of rain, as the caverns have been known to flood.

The caverns Natural Bridge Caverns reveal the beauty of Texas nature.
The caverns Natural Bridge Caverns reveal the beauty of Texas nature.

Mini golf is a classic summer activity, and Embassy Miniature Golf provides just that. Exciting courses with faux waterfalls and an indoor arcade are sure to provide endless hours of entertainment. Admission prices are $6.95 for children (ages 4-12) and $8.95 for adults (ages 13-54) for 18 holes. They also have military and senior discounts for those that qualify. With the option of booking a party reservation or bringing a few friends along, mini golf is the perfect “mini” getaway!

If the weather is unbearable or you’re simply looking for a change, Monster Mini Golf puts a new spin on the game you thought you knew. Located indoors with glow in the dark decor, Monster Mini Golf is a great place to visit this summer. Doors open at 2 PM on weekdays and 12 PM on weekends. Children are $8 and adults are $9.

For all thrill-seekers and puzzle-lovers, the Panic Room is a match made in heaven. You and your group have 60 minutes to complete the goal- find a way to escape the room using logic and reasoning skills. With four different tests, you can go multiple times this summer. One game costs $25/individual, and reservations are recommended, so book your visit today.

Mission Trail is an escape from the everyday city life. Its gorgeous trails and historical background shed light on its cultural significance. The trail is 16 miles long, with water stations provided at every mission and different food options.

If you’re a laugh-out-loud kind of person, Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club will have you giggling for the rest of the evening. Food and comedy is never a bad combo, and with different comedians every time, it’s sure to be a unique act.

If toilet seat art is not a term that you’re familiar with, Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Museum will rock your world. A retired, renowned plumber with a quirky sense of art, Barney Smith created his Toilet Seat Museum with a desire to reuse old toilet seats as canvases for his art. Smith tells a lot about his life story through his museum of toilet seats, and with free admission this place is definitely worth a tour.

Check out Trip Advisor for more summer fun recommendations and ticket prices.

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