Sisters enjoy Friday night spotlight

by Aleeha Shah | news editor

You’ve seen them at pep rallies and games. Cheering, dancing, clapping, and entertaining the crowds, these are the mascots. Most of us have seen how they look, but who are the people inside these costumes running these shows? Beneath the cover of the mascots are sisters, junior Brianna Trinidad and freshman Julie Trinidad. To become the mascot, there are not any required classes, however there is a camp.

“There wasn’t really any classes, but we did go to a summer camp with the cheerleaders. It’s UCA mascot camp, it’s mainly cheerleaders, but mascots go too. We went there and we got taught by two mascots of colleges,” Julie said.

The girls also had to tryout with the cheerleaders. They had to create a one minute and thirty second long skit that was unique and creative. They also have to create these for the pep rallies.

“I have to come up with a skit every pep rally, and make an appearance at every varsity football  game. I [also] have to greet children and take pictures,” Brianna said. 

The mascots appear at every football game. photo by Victoria Boesen
The mascots appear at every football game.
photo by Victoria Boesen

In addition to creating skits, they have to interact with the children and keep the crowd entertained.

“I [have to] get the crowd involved with the game, interact with all the children; they love it when you interact with them, and make sure people are still interested,” Julie said.

To entertain children they use signs, bells, and clapping. They also have the children do waves and cheer. Another way they can keep the attention of the crowd is through their skits. Despite the fact that they are fun, they are not easy to come up with.

“It is very difficult [to create skits] because it has to not only be PG, but it has to be entertaining and it’s hard to find music nowadays,” Brianna said.

Although coming up with unique ideas is difficult, it becomes easier because the sisters are able to work together. Always being together is beneficial for the sisters.

“I think that plays in a lot to how great we are because instead of just some random student being the mascot with me, it’s my sister. So, we can go home and continue working on everything like the skits. They’re really hard to put together, so it helps a lot to [be able to] go home with the other mascot,” Julie said.

In addition to assisting each other, their family also helps them. They help them get props or create them. These props can range from big props to small ones.

“My dad builds all of the bigger props out of wood and cardboard, and my stepmom is very artistic, so she’ll paint everything and do the crafts. My sister and I will come up with the ideas and music,” Julie said.

Along with props, they also make spirit sticks out of toilet paper rolls and candy which they throw out when we score points. Both girls love being the mascot, however, it does have its cons.

“It does get really hot and irritating sometimes with people pulling on my costume, but other than that it’s really fun,” Brianna said.

From creating skits for pep rallies to entertaining the crowd and keeping them engaged in the game, these girls have a lot of responsibilities. These are not easy to learn and takes time, but both of them managed to do it. Although it is Julie’s first year as mascot, it is Brianna’s second year. Because her sister had done it before, Julie feels like she has an advantage.

“Since my sister was mascot last year, I was always there watching her, so I feel like I have a head start on thinking about everything,” Julie said. “It is nice to already know all the stuff.”

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