Best apps to help high school students get ready for college

by Victoria Ramirez | staff writer

Applying for colleges and scholarships can be overwhelming but there are plenty of apps that can simplify the process. Here’s some of the best apps out there for seniors.

  1. SCHOOLDSchoold is a college search app that offers counseling, and future planning tools. This app helps students find colleges or universities, scholarships, and receive advice from counselors on applications, financial aid, majors, and careers that are relevant for you.
  2. screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-2-18-24-pmEasel SAT Prep is an app made to help students prepare for the SAT’s. The app features practice test of three sections with 25 questions in each and explains how to get the right answer, vocabulary games, and on-demand tutoring.
  3. Pathsource helps students understand financial need going into college and helps find what career path interest them, while making recommendations for careers that match their interest and personality. Pathsource also lets students gain information and other insights into every kind of job, while containing a built in video library of 2,600+ informational interviews to help get honest advice about people who hold the jobs. The app puts career information such as salary, education requirement, major recommendation and more. As well as helping students find the perfect career path, the app also helps explore specific schools that fit best for their career path.screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-2-18-39-pm
  4. Edupath SAT is another college prep app out of many on the app store, that makes it easier to find colleges, get SAT prep and manage their college applications. The app lets students browse over 1300 schools to find which one fits best for them, and lets them share which schools they are most interested in with their parents and counselors. Edupath, unlike some college prep apps, tracks their strengths and weaknesses and focuses more on what is needed to help them succeed. Until this app, parents had to wait until the test day to see how their child is doing, but now parents can track their students progress with the Edupath SAT app.SAT APP
  5. SCHOLLYScholly’s co founder Christopher Gray understands how hard searching and applying for scholarships, which is why he help invent Scholly, an app used to help students find scholarships that they are eligible for and allows you to look into them and apply. Schooly is a $2.99 app that puts information, that is usually scattered around on the internet, onto one app, which makes it easier for students to find them. This app was designed to ease the scholarship application process and help target a list of scholarships that are best suited for students.

All of these app were designed to help students in one way or another, so might as well use them. There has been many good reviews on all of them and are here to help them excel in their future.

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