Jags ready to meet Vipers in the playoffs

By Elly Beauchamp | Staff Writier

Following an undefeated district season, Johnson is now going into the playoffs with the first game this Friday at 7:30 at Heroes Stadium. The players have been practicing for this since the summer- staying after school to make sure they are at their top performance for the games.

“We’re out there, practicing everyday just like we do every week and make sure we’re well prepared for friday night. They come down just as soon as the bell rings, after 8th period and go out to the practice field and stay out there until dark, about 6 o’clock,” Varsity Football coach Ronald Rittimann said.

The team is excited to compete in the playoffs and continue to show off their hard work.

“The playoffs take hard work and dedication. This is my second year playing football cause I’m a sophmore and I was on varsity last year,” Varsity quarterback Mike Chandler said.

The coaches are optimistic about the team’s chances in the playoffs. Every season and team is unique, so they continually try to work with their players to reach the full potential of the team.

“Every team is different. Every team has its own personalities and characters so it’s different than any other team we’ve ever had, they are experiencing great success right now, but how far we go in the playoffs will determine if they reach their full potential,” Rittimann said.

Fellow students can support the team by attending the playoff games and cheering on the team.

“I know they’re ready, they’ve been building up for this moment all off season, all summer, through the last ten weeks of the regular season and district just so they can have an opportunity to reach the playoff games. They put in a lot of sweat and tears and hard work just so they have a chance to be successful,” Rittimann said.


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