School is out, but practice is still on

by Eric Martinez | staff writer

While most will be huddled up in blankets and drinking hot chocolate at home, coach Lee Miller and his wrestling team will be at school still practicing for the sports season.

“Wrestling is an intense conditioning sport and people have to keep their technique tuned up,” Miller said.

Wrestling will be practicing the second week of break, from Monday to Thursday for two tournaments. Both of these tournaments are happening over break.

“We are going to a tournament the first weekend of christmas break and we will have a big tournament in Houston cy fair which has between 70 to 80 teams at that tournament with about sixteen mats. It’s huge tournament [and] it will be a fun one,” Miller said.

Wrestling does early morning practices over the break. The practices start at 7:00 a.m. and end at 9:00 a.m.

“Those are early morning practices so that we get that work out out of the way. Not because I’m a morning person, it’s because I like having the rest of the day to actually have a break,” Miller said.

A number of Johnson students don’t mind the winter break practices or the time required by these workout; some students even enjoy the winter break practices.

“I actually really like winter break practices. It keeps me in shape and then I get to see all of my swim friends over the break without having to plan to much,” junior Aidan McDonald said.

Aquatics, soccer, and basketball also has practice over winter break. These practices start after the first five days of Christmas break and how long they last varies from sport to sport.

“I think winter break practices are important in order for our team to be successful. It’s not the most fun but you sign up for it when you sign up for it. I definitely seen us in the past years have grown and catch up to other teams,” junior Trinity Gonzalez said.

Despite seeing the requirements of winter break practices and the results of these practices, some students would rather be at home.

“I don’t mind winterbreak practices. I always like playing soccer regardless, but there are times where I would rather be at home and doing what the family is doing. Instead I have to come up to the school. So yeah, that’s not fun.” junior Khori Banks said.

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