‘Tis the season for boys wrestling

This year’s wrestling season is going very well for the team; they’ve already won a bunch of tournaments and duels, seeing improvement from last year. This is coach Cruz Dyson’s 2nd year at Johnson and so far it’s his best.

“Season’s going good. We just placed first for boys in the South Texas Throwdown. It’s been pretty good, we’re hosting this weekend at Russ Peterson. Individuals do pretty well, a couple state qualifiers are returning, but we still need to improve a little bit, ” Dyson said.

South Texas Throwdown is a wrestling tournament that is held yearly this past tournament went really well, and Dyson wants to improve even more.

“It’s kind of a mix, we have a lot of seniors who are pretty good, but we also have a lot of good freshman and good sophomores; so it’s a good mix of strong leadership with younger kids who we’ll definitely have for a few years,” Dyson said. 

It’s been busy for the team so far.

“Our practices are kind of the same thing, after each tournament we look at what we have to work on after south texas throwdown we performed really well, but we kind of throw in things we saw that we need to adjust, need to fix. We work on the fundamentals, extra stuff, and then when we see we made a lot of mistakes we kind of adjust it from there,” Dyson said. 

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