A new hot spot for a chill season

Ashlyn Swain | staff writer

A new store has come to the beloved North Star mall and it does not disappoint. It’s called “Attic Salts” and the setup of the store reminded me somewhat of a cozy ma and pa shop in the midst of many big stores at the mall. Attic Salts is the mashup of Hot Topic and Claire’s that everybody, while being unaware that it should exist, now sees as necessary. They sell many things that are as cute as can be, such as buttons, dresses, books and basically anything any person would like to receive as a gift or just buy for themselves.

This store also happens to have something for everyone; everything from graphic t-shirts to books, socks to backpacks, even jewelry and pins are sold there. It really is a place that could creep into the hearts of many and it seems to already have quite the following in San Antonio. When I had visited Attic Salts, it was practically filled to the brim with people who were looking for something or just wandering around to check out the new place.

Personally, I bought two presents at Attic Salts for one of my closest friends because they just seemed unique and like something she would have and the products do not fail. I gave those presents to my friend and she was satisfied and happy with the presents. This proves that not only this place has cute things for everyone but they can also serve as wonderful last minute or just regular gifts for a close friend.

While looking around, I heard a stranger on the phone talking about how this place would be perfect to bring her daughter to and she began to prabble on about the cute products around Attic Salts. In short, this store has become beloved by all in the short time that it has been opened and gives a comfy twist on what stores are like at the mall and I sincerely suggest that everybody should go there to check out what the shop has in store for them. Who knows, there may be something that is right for you.

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