New marketplace plans to hit the street this summer

Elly Beauchamp | Editor in Chief

Since the beginning of construction of the marketplace on the corner of Evans and Bulverde began, it’s been a question to what exactly will be going into the new buildings that surround the larger Sprouts store, which plans to opens its doors to the public this summer.

According to Brinbaum Property Company, the company that is sponsoring the construction, four new businesses have been sited to being in the market, such as Oak Haven Massage, Pet Supplies Plus, Super Dental Group, and Venetian Nail & Bar. More information about open buildings at the marketplace can be found on the Brinbaum company website.

Moving away from the major stores in the large tenant buildings, four smaller independent ones are being built, as one is in progress currently. These four buildings are also said to soon become a Starbucks and a Burger King, but information about the last two is yet to be released.

Lastly, according to the Brinbaum websites, plans seem to be in place to create more tenant buildings across the street by the Chase. While work has not started on this project, working on creating a plan seems to be underway. However, this has not yet been confirmed by the construction or architecture companies.

The Marketplace at Encino Park should be open and running this summer and will change how we view the area.

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