LED lights become the new trend

by Tala Kamil | staff writer

LED lights are growing in popularity ever since famous TikTok stars have started showing them in their videos.

Nick Holonyak had first invented LED lights back in 1962; but recently, these lights became the new trend and people are going crazy for them.

“I guess TikTok started the hype again. Everyone started using them as their background on their videos and I guess a trend started forming and people instantly wanted LED lights for their room,” sophomore Sophia Alvarado said.

LED lights have very minimal features but they make a difference when it comes to enhancing your room, bathroom, etc. 

“My favorite feature was how long they were and how you can decorate a whole room with them,” freshman Xzayah Rasher said. 

LED lights has a color changing feature that makes people want them even more.

“You can change their color depending on what mood you’re in and what suits your room I guess. I find that pretty cool,” sophomore Kaylee Nair said.

These lights are very easy to use and they last a really long time.

“Batteries are required but only for the remote. They last a really long time. They just plug into the wall,” Nair said.

LED lights are affordable too. 

“I got mine from Amazon for around $35 and they turned out exactly how I wanted it to be,” Rasher said.


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