👏 Meme 👏 review: decade edition

Lauren Loveless | editor in chief

This decade has been full of change internationally, from the legalization of LGBT marriage in the US to New Zealand’s revolutionary gun laws. However, one consistency the decade has kept is its wonderful memes that kept us laughing through thick and thin. So, without further adieu, here are some of the top memes that dominated each year.

2010: Old Spice commercials

The legendary Terry Crews stars in these odd commercials, featuring some of the most creatively bizarre advertising that you’ll ever see. They’re funny in a cheesy way, but foreshadow the oddities of memes that make an appearance in the later years.

2011: First World Problems

This is one of those memes that you could show your parents and laugh along with them, which is never a good sign. It’s really not that funny, but I can’t deny that it was popular during its time.

2012: Grumpy Cat

I actually never thought this meme was funny, but the majority of people treated it like it was the pinnacle of comedy. The memes that came out of it was weak, hardly laugh-worthy, but at least the cat was kind of cute, in a gremlin sort of way.

2013: Doge

Honestly, I don’t think this meme has even died yet, it’s still pretty relevant and the formatting of it was revolutionary. The content this cute dog created wasn’t necessarily hilarious, but it was pure and became the first “soft meme.” Doge is a straight up legend and remains superior.

2014: Kermit Sipping Tea

This year and meme mark the beginning of “dank memes,” or, actually funny memes. Kermit sipping tea was gold and began the trend of kermit memes, that are widely popular among the meme community.

2015: Dancing Drake

This meme got very old very fast, but the effort some creators put into them was incredible. The edits were vast and creative and simply put a smile on your face.

2016: Harambe

Harambe: the hero of our generation and international legend. The actual story behind this meme is rather sad, but at least the memes respect him, kind of. He remains in our hearts and will forever be respected.

2017: Spongebob Squarepants

I’m tempted to say this is the meme of the decade, just because of how popular it is. Spongebob is a show most of us grew up with, and for it to become such a prevalent meme is iconic. They’re funny and relatable, which is pretty much the only criteria you need to make it onto this list.

2018: Mark Zucc

To this day, I am still convinced that Mark Zuckerberg is not human.

2019: Ok Boomer

I love this meme, even though it’s kind of annoying now. Watching baby boomers get actually offended by this meme is comedy gold and only fuels the meme to grow more powerful. It’s beautiful, but I’m glad it’s dead now.

Honorable Mentions:

Baby Yoda (2019)

Dat Boi (2016)

Wholesome Memes


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