Johnson football player getting in the right mindset before the Brandeis game.

Change made to the 2020-2022 UIL district alignment

by Joe Casarez | staff writer

With the release of the new UIL realignment Johnson, along with other NEISD schools, have shifted from district 27-6A to 28-6A as two additional new schools have been introduced from Northside.

“They added two more teams with Brandeis and Clark from Northside ISD and they’ll be in our district for the next two years,” athletic coordinator Ron Rittimann said.

Each week they will have to stay focused and prepared for each team, but the Jags enjoy a challenge.

“ We’ve picked up Wagner and O’Connor, who are both very good football teams, as our non district games so our schedule will be very tough from week one to week 11 we look forward to it,” Rittimann said.

Brandeis being added to 28-6A doesn’t really affect the Jags, because they have always played them at least once, the only difference is that this game goes down on their UIL record.

“It will be about the same, we always try to schedule the hardest games we can in non district, so like I said we’ve always played Brandeis in non district games,” Rittimann said.

Although the realignment adds two new difficult teams to the 28-6A district, the Jags are already prepared for the competition, and winning is the only thing on their mind. 

“ We already play in a very competitive district and Brandeis and Clark are both schools we typically play anyway , in football we’ve played Brandeis every year since we’ve opened plus three times in the playoffs, and Clark, our volleyball teams, and basketball teams have played them year in year out, so it’s not like we don’t know anything about them. It’s just that when we play them now it’s a district game, it just means a little bit more than before,” Rittimann said.

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