Communities are spreading positivity through painted rocks

Lauryn Hughes | arts editor

With the coronavirus keeping everyone at home there are new things that people are doing to help spread joy to others around them without getting too close to them. One of the newest things that have been noticed around neighborhoods and along sidewalks are colorful rocks that have been hand-painted with happy images and inspirational quotes.

“They are tucked into curbside flower beds or at stop signs and you see them as you are out getting a walk,” mother Sara Holland said.

These rocks are a way for the community to come together, inspire creativity, and spread hope to anyone who sees them.

“I think they’re purpose is twofold.  They give the creators an outlet to love and support their neighborhood community.  But they give the people who come across them a little boost of recognition that this isn’t easy for any of us, and that love is still out there surrounding us,” Holland said.

Painting the rocks is also a great way to help process emotions in isolation.

“Isolation is hard for everyone.  And everyone experiences their emotions about it differently.  There’s no right or wrong way to feel.  We are wired as people to seek out the comfort of our village when we need support.  Right now, we can’t do that in traditional ways like sharing meals together or hugging each other.  So this is an example of how people are trying to find ways to provide that support without physically being together,” Holland said.


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