What to do when a device assigned by the school is broken

by Monica Smith | staff writer

Students who have been issued an NEISD device could be experiencing technology issues.

“That may be you’re not hooking up, your screens not working, your password is down or whatever that issue might be,” assistant principal Dr.  Felicia Joiner said. 

The devices assigned to students can sometimes encounter errors where the audio or camera might not respond correctly. Students who are experiencing these issues may not know who to get in contact with to help solve the problem. 

 “Now if you have the physical stuff and something is going wrong with it then you have to call our technology services help desk,” Dr. Joiner said. “That number is 356-HELP and then they have people that can walk you through it.”

If the device needs to be repaired then you would bring it back to Johnson, so they could switch it out with one that works. Although some students may have the physical technology, they may not have the proper Wifi setup to join their virtual classes. 

“If you need physical material, a chromebook, a laptop, a hotspot, or something like that. Then that can be provided by the school, so we are handing all that stuff out from 9AM to 4PM on Monday through Friday,” Dr Joiner said.

To be handed the material, during the week students can go to Johnson and pick up their needed device. Not only are there chromebooks being assigned, but there are different devices that are being issued regarding their classes 

“We have Ipads out, we have chromebooks out, and laptops for students who have specialty courses like animation. And were giving out calculators for those kids who have specialty math and science courses,” Dr. Joiner said.

When assigned a device, students sign a waiver stating that they will take responsibility and not physically abuse the material. If they were to damage a device then it would become a fine on their students account.

“Just like if they handed in a textbook that they damaged, it’s a fine on their student account that they have to pay off before they receive their transcript,” Dr. Joiner said.

If a student were to break their own device used for school during the middle of the semester, they can still be provided with materials by the school. 

“As long as we have technology here, we’ll be handing it out,” Dr. Joiner said.

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