Keeping the season moving forward – even remotely

Lily Moran| staff writer

The campus has not just faced learning remotely – but also how to get ready for a potential athletics season, but on Zoom.

“It has been a big change and for everyone,” senior Samuel Moore said. “For me it has given me more time to rest at home and get ready for more soccer games.” 

But with the new adjustment to football on Zoom, another adjustment had to be made with athletes getting used to new coaching staff.

“Since we got a whole new coaching staff I think they have really shown us that they mean business,” sophomore Keanu Snyder said. “They have been working well with us and have been more understanding even during these circumstances.”

The dynamic of the athletic classes have been altered completely on to Zoom, but still manage to practice in school.

“We wake up very early everyday before school starts, go to practice and get a good workout in and practice skills then go home to go on zoom and go over new strategies and then off to the rest of our classes, some other sports alternate morning and afternoon to maintain social distancing,” Moore said.

And of course, students came into the year with their own concerns.

“The only worry I had was not being able to see my friends,” senior Mitchell Iden said. “ I didn’t worry too much about basketball cause i knew things would work out,” Iden said. “Worries my team had focused more on school rather than the sport because if people aren’t passing then they can not play besides that another worry was following safety guidelines,” Snyder said.

Even though athletics have been moved to Zoom, students still have found some advantages of it.

“Sports on Zoom has become very loose and not super attention demanding,” Iden said. “With my class on zoom now I am able to relax and rest so I can heal my body,” Moore said “ It took me a little while but I finally have been getting my school work done, focusing more, and especially doing better in my classes,” Snyder said

The changes to the athletic classes has not stopped students from being optimistic about their upcoming seasons.

“This year will have and has had challenges but I’m very excited for my team and to play again I have very high hopes for this year,” Snyder said.


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