Stress Buster Week returns with on-campus events

by Gaby Krengel | staff writer

From April 25-29 students will have the chance to participate in Stress Buster Week during their lunch period.

“We found that students were experiencing a lot of stress from school, from extracurricular activities, and other things that they were involved in,” STAN Counselor Lisa Williams said.

Stress Buster Week helps give students strategies to help them relieve stress.

“Stress is going to come in every stage of life, it’s not just going to stop after high school, and if you can learn tools and strategies and things that work for you now, it’s going to be helpful for a lifetime,” Williams said.

According to Williams, it’s important to learn strategies now to help prepare people for what they might experience later in life.

“Even if a person has never really had an anxiety attack or been so stressed out that they couldn’t perform, it doesn’t matter because it doesn’t mean that they won’t feel that in the future,” Williams said.

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