JROTC participates in Urban Raiders and Cyber Patriots competitions, prepares for trunk or treat

by Maddy Lingk | staff writer

JROTC recently competed in Cyber Patriots and the second round of Urban Raiders, and this Sunday they will be hosting a trunk or treat event.

“The girls’ team finished first place and one of our boys’ teams finished fourth,” JROTC instructor Thomas Groggett said.

The competitions took place on October 15 and 16.

“I feel great, I think it’s fantastic. It’s the effort that those students, cadets, put forward towards those competitions and as they prepare, get ready for them,” Groggett said.

The Cyber Patriot teams still have their second round and their state rounds on the way.

“Anybody that’s involved in that, if they are very interested in that type of career field, that can open doors for them right out of high school to go into a very lucrative career,” Groggett said.

One of the students that competed was sophomore Iliana Espinosa.

“They’re really fun, I love the sense of comradery that everyone has at the competitions,” Espinosa said. 

Espinosa is in her second year of JROTC; she competed in the recent raider’s orienteering and drill competitions.

“I know they’re looking forward to the next round or next competition for both of those groups because it just gets tougher as they go on,” Groggett said. “You know they’re competing against other teams that are doing the same thing you’ve got to prepare, you’ve got to study.”

JROTC is also hosting trunk or treat this year, where cadets will be able to volunteer.

“The overall goal is to raise money for the booster club and for the JROTC program to help support those teams when they do go to competition,” Groggett said.

According to Groggett, he will be in the dunk tank this year.

“Our cadets are going to be helping out because they’re going to be setting up and running some of the events and things there,” Groggett said.

Espinosa will most likely be participating in trunk or treat.

“Well for one, I’ll be doing the arm drill liberty exhibition routine and I’m pretty sure I’ll be volunteering,” Espinosa said.

Cadets with different amounts of experience and different teams will all be able to participate, but many are assisting with candy donations.

“Possibly passing out candy and also helping out with, you know, the things needed for the community and the event,” sophomore Mackenzie Bates said.

Additionally, there will also be a costume contest for little kids.

“It will be on the 30th of October,” Groggett said. “It will be over in the student parking lot and it will run from, I think, 2 to 6 if I remember the time right.”

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