Fun Food Friday – Grape Tomatoes

This September’s Fun Food Friday we will be having Grape tomatoes! They are bite sized Tomatoes that have all the same healthy  nutrients as regular tomatoes, but they are the perfect size for snacking on. Grape Tomatoes are usually mixed up with Cherry Tomatoes but those are a little bigger than the regular Grape Tomatoes. Unlike other vegetables, these tomatoes didn’t come to grocery stores until the late 1990’s. This might sound unreal but they are one of the newest vegetables out there.

Just like larger Tomatoes, they are a great source of Vitamin C and many other nutrients. Vitamin C helps keep your teeth and gums healthy, and your immune system strong, it also helps your body heal itself whenever you get a cut, bruise, or scrape. These little powerhouse  vegetables can be used as a quick snack, so go ahead and stop by the line  on Friday and get your free sample.

If you want to try something new think about trying Grape Tomatoes  with carrots and low fat dip, they are also great addition to  salads and pasta. So be sure to pick up your grape tomato sample and find out how delicious, sweet, and healthy Grape Tomatoes can be.

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