50 Year Anniversary

This is the fiftieth year Krueger has been in service! Krueger Middle School was established in 1962, and named after  General Walter Krueger. He was the first person ever to rise through the ranks of the military all the way from Private to a General in the United States Army. On June 17, 1898 he enlisted for service in the Spanish-American War. In May 1941, he was promoted to temporary Lieutenant General. He was later promoted to temporary General (four star). However, he retired as full General in July 1946. Krueger Middle School was then established in 1962, and our school’s namesake died 5 years later.

The programs KSAT and iMAK  began during the 2005-2006 school year. KSAT was put at Krueger and it immediately boosted the State testing  scores of the school. They launch rockets and planes created by the students at various locations, including Georgia and Washington D.C.

IMAK’s key focus is the use of media technologies such as, video production, short film creation, digital photography, web publication, computer animation and even Android programming.

Krueger Middle School has come a long way, and we are all very proud of  this.

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