Lunchtime Lockdown

By: Estefania Lamas

The student body is constantly subjected to a wide variety of complaints from their peers, some of the ones heard resonating constantly through our blue and white walls are: “Our school is too crowded!”, “our lunch is too long…”, “our passing periods are too short!”, and “the administrative body doesn’t listen to any of our complaints!”.

While the administrative body might not be able to comply to our every whim (such as off-campus lunches, which are illegal as per district policy), they are, however, able to implement a few changes to liven up our lives. Assistant Principal Mr. Terry Peel suggested (and is currently working on implementing) putting TVs in the cafeteria: 2 rolling carts for the senior dining room, and eventually, mounting plasma screen TVs near the lunch lines so students could watch the daily announcements. Assistant Principal Mrs. Kay Woltersdorf also mentions the possible addition of “intramurals” during lunches (setting up basketball hoops on the outskirts of the band field is an idea that’s been floating around).

A suggestion made across the board by the APs is that students should form study groups in the library, or ask a teacher to kindly forgo their room (and potentially, their only free period) during the lunches. “Study groups are highly effective; you hear teachers saying all the time that you only retain a certain portion of what you hear, read, and write, but you retain the most information by teaching it to another student. That should serve as encouragement for students to come together and study,” Mrs. Woltersdorf said.

The administration really does, contrary to popular belief, care about our (sometimes menial) concerns and is willing to do something about them— so when those brand-spankin’-new plasmas show up in the cafeteria; rethink the sometimes senseless grievances we allow ourselves to utter in our daily conversations.

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