Halloween Tips

Kids look forward to Halloween for many reasons. They enjoy the dressing up in costumes but mostly they want the candy and treats! Even seasoned trick-or-treaters still like to go out for Halloween, making them feel youthful again. This useful guide will help you stay safe and obtain more candy.

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1. Try to stay in a group of three or more and don’t get separated (even if zombies are chasing you).

2. Keep your cell phones on in case you get lost.

3. Don’t get in that suspicious white van that says free candy; trust me, there are only apples and raisins in there. Bring a flashlight and a sturdy bag (or pillow case) and be close to a point to where you can stash your candy off, if you fill up fast.

4. A car is a great place to drop your candy once you fill up, and it can be used to transport you from one neighborhood to another. If you don’t drive, a skateboard is a good way to get around… and it’s portable!

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The mission is to maximize your candy input while minimizing your output.

5. The first step to getting the most candy is to go to as many houses as you can. Don’t start going out until other people have started too. People will most likely not be ready if you go too early.

6. Bring a second costume so if you find a sweet neighborhood with lots of candy you can switch out costumes and hit it up again.

7. Another thing that helps for candy is a good costume.

8. When you go to the more deserted neighborhoods the candy-givers tend to give you more because they haven’t seen many costumes that night.

9. Being polite always helps with getting candy, because no one likes rudeness. If you are dressed up as a pirate (or something else) don’t be a rude pirate; be polite, and say thank you.

I hope this guide helps you make this Halloween the best yet!

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