Note to Freshmen: Get Over It

Sarah Yebra (9) photo by Taylor Pena

Since the beginning of time, heirachy has always had it’s screws and perks, especially in high school. Senior prank day sneaks up on the annoying, little freshmen and bombards them with humiliation. It’s what they get…Right? After all, it happened to you.

Swirlies, spit, and nervous sweat; it seems like freshmen are always in hot water. As a fish in a sea of sharks, they are at the bottom of the food chain, wallowing in their pathetic self-pity while the upperclassmen point and laugh. Not all freshmen are that bad. The majority are; there’s no argue in that, but there are always those few who are just a tad cooler…maybe even cooler than you.

Phillip Wilson (12) photo by Taylor Pena

Yet, freshmen can’t complain, because as soon as those unpimpled faces and last years old fashions flock aimlessly into the school doors, the tyranny begins. Then they’ll become revenge-lusting upperclassmen. They’re going to enjoy shutting that one obnoxious kid up, who doesn’t even look a day over eleven. Joy will be brought to the new sophomore¬†faces when they shoot a concieded snot’s confidence into the rough Texas soil. Fish can’t do a thing about it because they are scared, tiny newbies sorrounded by juniors and seniors who will never get tired of the hazing.

So ENOUGH of this llama droppings about high school being unfair. Fishermen fish and tadpoles evolve. It’s life. We are humans, and revenge tastes like heaven’s golden gates on our tounges. Just be aware of those few exceptions, because not all freshmen are the same.

You don’t want to catch a man-eating pirahna when there’s a big-mouthed catfish flaunting its whiskers.

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One thought on “Note to Freshmen: Get Over It

  1. Concieded is supposed to be concieted
    Sorrounded is supposed to be surrounded
    heaven’s is supposed to Heaven’s

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