The Exchange Experience

Picture yourself getting the opportunity to become an exchange student, leaving the U.S to another country. All the new things you’d get to experience and become accustomed to would be thrilling and quite interesting. For Rita Garcia-De-Borito the process was hard, especially having to study a new language since she didn’t already know English, adapting to a new environment, and coping with new people. As she has settled in, Rita claims it has gotten so much easier than it was from the start.

The Difference Between Private and Public High Schools

It’s early in the morning, and students start filling in the school grounds. Adrianna Leos stands in front of a school where everyone is different, from their personality to the type of clothing that they wear. Lita Andrade stands in front of the same school remembering her time at private school; a completely different type of community where everyone is in the regular uniform of a polo, or a button up, and a skirt or pants. As both the students enter their designated destination, they don’t think twice of the limitations nor the privileges that they each have obtained.