Mac Idol-Schaper/Sullivan Take Top Prize

Alex Scahper (12) sing "Stay" by Sugarland. She would go on to win Mac IDol

Mac Idol, the annual talent show, took place last Friday at 7:00. The show was hosted by seniors Kaleb King and Julia Guerra, who provided clever jokes and puns on the title of songs. Judging the performance were Forensics coach Mrs. Marisol La Selva and senior English teachers Mrs. Katherine Willis and Mr. Steve Davidson.

Tying for third place were Elias Uriegas and the dynamic duo of Ashley Casunuran and Justine Rodriquez as “The Jabbagirls.” Elias played Jason Mraz’s A Beautiful Mess, receiving positive praise from the judges, to whit, that the performance was beautiful, but not a mess.

The Jaabagirls performed The History of Hip Hop, a dance routine that took us back to the fresh and awesome days of the early nineties all the way through to today. Now stop, collaborate  and listen; Hip-Hop was actually invented in the seventies, so this is only a partial history, but it was still entertaining, although the judges seemed a bit off-put by the unconventionality of the performance.

In second came Cailee Jo Whitefield, the senior singer who performed Kristin Chenoweth’s “The Girl in 14G,” the musical tale of a bookworm caught in between an Opera star and a Jazz singer. Cailee’s amazing vocal talent was backed by her father, Mr. Whitefeild, on piano. The father-daughter duo were beloved by the judges, one of whom tried to persuade Cailee to pursue a career on Broadway.

In first was senior Alex Schaper  with  junior Charlie Sullivan on guitar with “Stay” by the country duo Sugarland. Alex’s strong vocals and heart-rending voice and Charlie’s talented string plucking won high praise from the judges, although all three said they were not fans of country.

The winner was decided by vote. While votes were being counted, Mrs. Willis performed a stand up comedy routine.

So Mac Idol passes, and now we only have American Idol to look forward to.
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