Snow Day!

self-portrait by Estefania Lamas

Last Friday, Feb. 4, many students at MacArthur hoped for a snow day.  All week, students, parents, and teachers across San Antonio committed themselves to attentively watching the news for any sign of ice on the weather.  Wishes were granted as the local news stations and weather channels were turned on at 5:00 a.m., and that friendly little bulletin announced the closing of NEISD campuses for the day.  Excitement mounted as people went outdoors and saw the thin layer of snow powdered over the ground and the icicles hanging off of the roof and plants.  As the day went on and people had made their 2-inch snowmen, the ice started melting and roads were re-opened.

Anna Setar, junior, enjoyed her day off with her boyfriend.
“I woke up early to go frolic in the snow,” Setar said.  “I tried to gather enough snow for snow balls but I could only make a few.  I lost my gloves the night before at the rodeo, so I had to use oven mitts to keep playing.”

Students hope for more ice days because of the chance to escape the bitter wind and freezing cold.  For now, however, the free day will be made up on President’s Day, Monday Feb. 21.

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