Dear Dougie, I need advice.

A Broken Path to Sanity Photo by "Dougie Brahma"

Advice is not easy to give or take. Life may throw a person so off track from what they desire, that the winds in their mind fling thoughts and actions off-the-wall. It seems like we can help everyone else out of a darkening hole besides ourselves, like every problem could be solved except for ours. If you need someone to call on, to spring optimism or clarify the hard choices into your life, Dougie Brahma is definitely your friend when you’re in need.

“Dear Dougie, life’s not going so well for me. I have friends to talk to, and I have [talked to them]…but I saw that one of them came to you for advice. So, what do I do when I’m super stressed with the drama of friends, a distant boyfriend, and dropping grades? Sincerely, The Questioner.”

Well Questioner, I’m not quite sure that your priorities are in the right place. If you plan on going to college or to a prestigious school after Mac, I encourage you to choose your education over a boy or people who seem to cause you “drama.” Surround yourself with people who enlighten your day, enjoy what you enjoy, and bring uplifting memories to the table. The group of friends that bring you the unnecessary pain of high school just might not be the perfect crowd.

It seems as if your grades are dropping from worrying. Friend gossip is far less valuable then “book-talk” if it only brings you sleepless nights and unwanted thoughts. Having a boyfriend can possibly be an issue as well. Don’t get me wrong; having a boyfriend and balancing grades is completely possible, but you have to commit yourself to school first. If you want those grades you’re shooting for, be real. You’re going to have to get off Facebook and put the phone away. Studying is not as hard as it’s made out to be. Thirty minutes of reviewing will definitely pay off in the long run.

On the other hand, your relationship is “distant.” Something is wrong with that ship, whether it be the Captain, or a leak in the bottom. In order to be happy with someone, you have to be happy with yourself and where your life is. Get your grades up, shake off the drama, and ask your significant other if there is something wrong. Don’t be afraid to dig for answers. After all, Albert Einstein once said, “The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

Hopefully, you’ll realize what is the right path for you. Follow your ambitions, and don’t ever lose yourself in things that bring you down.

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