Tales of a Modern Cinderella

photo by Olivia Suarez

Cinderella’s fairy godmother made dance preparations look easy. Now that Prom is this weekend, I can’t help but feel anxious as to how it will all play out, considering my plans have taken a completely different direction.

Last year’s Prom was nothing but a fairytale, as I experienced my first real outing. I had everything: the date, the dress, the shoes, the dinner, just a very memorable evening. I wasn’t sure I was going to top that.

All I did know about this year was that I wanted to be a part of a group. And no, it’s not just because of the popular Facebook photo albums, but that’s always nice. I only assumed it would consist of the girls I went to Homecoming, along with our dates. But how was I going to find one on time? Oh, the agony.

I’ve always had this theory: having a date for Homecoming is unnecessary, but for Prom, it’s essential. I mean, that’s how I’ve done it in the past. Every October I would go to Homecoming either alone or with friends. I didn’t particularly care if I had a date or not. Now Prom, that’s different. I want to avoid looking strange as a “single”, but rather be accompanied with someone I felt comfortable with.

Deanna Flood (12) purchases her Prom tickets for this weekend. photo by Olivia Suarez

The search for my “Prince Charming” already faced a rocky start. Any of the people I considered asking (yes asking, because waiting to be asked proves to be pointless) were either taken or weren’t going. Brilliant. Understanding why I was one of the only single senior girls left was difficult. I knew beauty wasn’t the single factor in acquiring a date, but I was curious to see if intelligence played a role in my bad luck. It’s sad that that particular quality might’ve intimidated potential suitors. But of course I had no intentions on dumbing myself down, that’s not attractive. If people considered intelligence unappealing, then they’re mistaken.

Every class the last few weeks has consisted of conversations concerning this “special night”. Ugh, I DON’T want to hear it anymore. My friends’ Prom plans only made me feel worse about myself, mainly because my own group hadn’t developed any ideas. That’s when I decided to set the record straight on the situation, and I called my best friend.

That night, a fellow yearbook staffer instant messaged me and asked if I knew anyone currently dateless. Well yeah, ME. I responded saying I knew a few people. She wanted to know if anyone would be interested in accompanying a highly-known athlete to Prom. Holy hot sauce. After talking back and forth, I suggested my best friend, and called her to inquire about her plans.

Little did I know that my so-called “group” never actually existed. Two other girls already gathered their own group, leaving my best friend and I to figure our own plans out. On the phone we vented on how miserable our lives were at that moment, and I found myself reminiscing and wishing that everything was just like last year. Bippity Boppity Boo. I admitted to the possible setup that I made prior to the phone call, and after a little convincing, my friend agreed to give it a shot.

So it was official: my hopes for finding my other half to Prom crashed and burned. Here I witnessed my friend and this guy decide to go together, and I am left stranded. My parents consulted with me and  encouraged I ask someone new. But who, Mom and Dad?

photo by Olivia Suarez

My worries came to a close as I called a friend of mine from elementary school. Although he didn’t go to the same high school, he knew alot of my friends. My chest was literally about to explode as I asked him to escort me. His positive response immediately swept away all apprehensions. Whew, I’m taken. Following that, I reacted how any teenage girl would do when she makes plans with an attractive male. YESSSSSSSSSS.

The next day at school felt incredible. Any talk about Prom actually felt engaging, and it felt right that I was just like everyone else. Well, almost. There were alot of girls I knew that were single, and it felt awkward to say anything, because I didn’t want to make them feel bad. Like my friend Ravina, who is absolutely gorgeous; it made me upset that someone as genuine as her didn’t have anyone to share her experience with. I tried to resolve the issue by offering to play matchmaker. Now how was I going to do that? Hmmmmmmm….

My sudden good luck made me feel great about myself. My unintended bragging  of course resulted in unwanted envy, but I didn’t let that stop me. In fact, I made sure that certain people would hear me and know that I’ve moved on from this “Prom funk”.

Dress, shoes, dress, shoes, dress, shoes…AGHHHHHHH. Leave it to a procrastinator like myself to go dress shopping at the last minute. Luckily my article about finding the right dress assisted me as to where to start. My mother and I visited Dillard’s at La Cantera, and under just two hours, I discovered the perfect dress, and shoes. Miracle, isn’t it? I couldn’t believe it either. During this time, I texted my date about our plans, deciding who would cover specific financial matters.

Announcing to the world my latest purchase aroused curiosity and approval from my friends. Check. My overflow of happiness became apparent as I spent my lunch working on the newspaper. When I saw my phone light up with a new message however, everything changed.

My date announced that he couldn’t go after all. Even though I offered to pay for everything, he notified me of his regional track meet the week after, and it’s stronger significance to him instead of Prom. Wonderful, just wonderful. What was I to do now?

Tears swelled down my face as fast as a faucet. I didn’t want to be at school anymore. I didn’t want to go to Prom anymore. Reassuring to my former date that all was fine seared my soul. Humility couldn’t be a closer friend.

Following the sudden detour, I received numerous condolences and offers to Prom. Although I appreciated the gestures, I didn’t want anyone to feel sorry for me. I’m a strong individual. When my friends that initially started their own Prom party asked me to tag along, I felt hesitant. To be the only girl in the group unaccompanied seemed embarrassing. Contemplating about the idea only encouraged me to go with them more, and so I accepted the offer.

Seeing constant previews of the new Disney movie, Prom, brings a big burden of undesired stress. It was after watching that commercial for the fifth time that it all hit me; WOW, I really need to stop whining. That’s all I’ve been doing throughout Prom season; whining, whining, whining. If I want something to happen, I have to make it happen. So often at times teenagers expect everything to come to them as they please. For the record, life isn’t like that. I’m an adult, I need to just take action. There’s no need for jealousy and despair, but rather, appreciation and excitement. You only go to your Senior Prom once, right? Now that I know what my plans are, I need to prove my theory of dates wrong. No more nostalgia, no more pain. It may have taken a few days to come to terms of acceptance with my status, but optimistically speaking, I know myself well. I control my own feelings, not some high school dance.

To all of those who are attending Prom on Saturday alone, don’t fret. Everyone dances with each other anyways. Only go by your definition of happiness, and a great night is assured. I know that’s what I can expect, anyways.

Bring it on Cinderella.

Admit it, Cinderella's shoes topped her ball attire. Prom shoes are a key essential to completing the perfect Prom outfit. photo by Olivia Suarez

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