Break Your ACL, Keep On Pushing

Five seniors, five universities, KAAB TV personnel, and an extremely proud Bobbie Turnbo. On Wednesday, April 13th , Nikki Noland, Mario Siller, Karisa Cantu, Taylor Stafford, and Tori Rodriguez were signed to their respective universities after years of hard work, dedication, and a few injuries.

“Karisa and I both broke our ACL’s (anterior cruciate ligament) during the season. We have constantly pushed each other to keep going. Moreover, we both work and keep on striving even when things are at their lowest. Without each other we wouldn’t be standing here.” said Nikki, senior.

Karisa Cantu (12) Dr. Turnbo photo by Brittany Trub

Each of these outstanding seniors have devoted their lives to the sport they love, which only goes to show that the diligence and patience they devote allow for goals to be met and standards to be set.

“Never give up. Good things come to those who want it,” Noland said.

Each of these students refused to give up, and these universities recognized their perseverance.

Nikki Noland- Basketball at Central Methodist University

Mario Siller- Baseball at Texas A&M Kingsville

Karisa Cantu- Basketball at Schriner University

Tori Rodriguez- Volleyball at Texas Westland University

Taylor Stafford- Volleyball at Coastal Carolina University

Mario Siller (12) Coach Alfieri, Siller's parents photo by Brittany Trub
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