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MacArthur’s varsity choir group PFC (Premiere/Final Cut) came out “on top of the world” with an international title as “Best A Cappella High School Group” in the ICHSA competition on Friday, April 15. Not only did their singing place them in the lead, but their impeccable choreography also landed them another outstanding award.

About 100 schools submitted YouTube videos of their performances or competed in Regionals to qualify for ICHSA Finals; PFC was one of the 10 schools who qualified.

“This was the very first time for PFC to do a competition,” Caitlyn Griffith, Co-Choir Director, said.

Having participated in only small area competitions, PFC blew the judges away with their enthusiasm and knowledge of music.

“[PFC] worked hard to win. We started [working on the show] in August, added extra rehearsals, and we picked up more time. We rehearsed over Spring Break, and incorporated after school training such as running laps and flipping tires out on the football field,” Matt Woodward, Co-Choir Director, said.

With immense rehearsals and extreme preparation, PFC gave it “their all” as they performed with complete ease.

“We wanted to have a good time and sing the best we could. The other schools just wanted to win; we wanted to have fun. What helped us win was that we were more unified and had a single focus of making good music,” Woodward said.

In his last year, Marcus Kang, is honored to be a part of PFC and appreciates his newfound superiority in choral-like music.

“Choir has changed my life in a sense of how to view performances. PFC is like my family. That’s where my best friends are and the first place I go to when there’s nowhere for me to go,” Marcus said.

With new experiences and global recognition, PFC is on their way to an even more successful journey in music; even being asked by the NBC (News Broadcasting Channel) corporation to audition for the hit show “The Sing Off.”

As doors open up for PFC, maintaining a positive attitude and having each other side-by-side will soar them to the highest note of musicality.

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