Giddy On Up To G-Force

From Thursday, May 19 to Saturday, May 21 MacArthur Band will perform the annual G-Force show. Known for it’s artistic creativity and high energy, the show is pleasing to both the eyes and ears. Tickets are $5 on Thursday and $8 from Friday to Saturday. This year’s performance will most likely be just as exciting as last year’s surprise performance by Michael Jackson, A.K.A Donatelle Sylvester. Drop on by for a memorable performance starting at 7pm Thursday through Saturday!

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7 thoughts on “Giddy On Up To G-Force

  1. Hi everyone! My name is Isabella and I’m in the Mac Color guard. G-Force is a great opportunity to really see what the band has to offer from their hard work over the last year. The show is really energetic and fun to watch. The band is one of the biggest spirit groups in the school; it’s really nice of them to be putting on a show so that the people can see what preforming music is all about. It’s also great because people of all ages can go and it’s a fun event to hang out with friends and family. I’m looking forward for G-force this year. Please attend you will be amazed. GO BRAMAS!!!

  2. I saw G-Force for the first time tonight and I really enjoyed it. I liked the creativity of each performance, and how the band members made them unique and rememberable. I thought that the Balloonology performance was the most different, and separate, from the whole show, in that they only used balloons to create music. All in all, I was really pleased by how much work, and dedication, the band put into creating a spectacular show.

  3. G-Force was soooooo much fun this year and I can’t wait to do it next year!!!!
    I hope everyone enjoyed it!

  4. I wanted to go to G-Force so bad this year! I went last year and the year before and it blew my mind! I love Mac band. I may not be in it, but I think they are awesome! G-Force was really amazing the 2 times I went.

  5. This is my second year seeing G Force and once again it was super amazing! My boyfriend is in it so of course I went, I loved seeing him and the French Horn section (GO HORNS!). But my favorite act was Ballonology, it made me laugh really hard! Emily Horne was fun to watch! And oh John Brooks, he was a big part of the comedy! Great show! I recommend that everyone sees it!!! You will not regret it!!

    P.S. I love you Britnaaay!

  6. Do I get extra points if I admit that I wore John’s stinger on my head? Like, as a hat? 🙂

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