Hamlet: A Preview

Skull photo by Aly Zamora

An altered version of Hamlet will play next Wednesday, October 12-14 in the auditorium at 7 P.M. The cost is six dollars a seat, and will pay for developing of the stage. All English classes will attend, as well as feeder schools and visiting campuses.

Hamlet will be played by Aaron Muelion, senior, and Ophelia will be played by Rebekah Caldera,  also a senior. Trevor Stokes, senior, is Claudius, and Sarah Parrish, senior, plays Gertrude.

The cast and crew has 56 members from all production classes.

“The cast is a lot of fun,”  Trevor Stokes said. “There are a bunch of new faces and many new people getting involved.”

The play will begin in Denmark following the death of the country’s leader, the late King Hamlet. In this Shakespearian adaptation, the characters will use guns, fence, and dress in modern fashions.I

Revenge, death and sexuality will thematically develop the play before its wide ranged audience.

“I’ve never played a villain before, so it is a new experience for me. It’s a new way of approaching a role,” Stokes said.

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