Cross Country’s Last Man Standing

Christian preparing for the upcoming regional meet. Photo by Daniel de la Rosa.

After last week’s district meet, one individual qualified for the upcoming regional cross country meet. Sophomore Christian Barajas placed 6th at Roan Forest Elementary and will continue to race Saturday morning at the Northwest Shooting Complex on the northwest side of town.

In his first year as a runner, Christian trained with the team only since August, running at least four miles a day. Now that he is moving on, the intensity of his workouts have increased to more laps around the track at faster times and have “never been this hard,” Barajas said.

The regional meet will host schools from all over south Texas, as far south as Brownsville. While Christian is proud to be the only regional qualifier from his school, he isn’t underestimating this weekend’s race at all.

“It feels good to kick some butt, although I’m not exactly sure what to expect this weekend. I have never ran without a partner this season” he said.

Regardless of the race results, Christian plans to run track in January.

“I like the competitiveness, and it keeps me in great shape for track.”

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