Elegant Holiday Make-up

Christmas time; Everyone loves it. All the parties, family gatherings, and just generally good feelings make us want to feel – and look – our best. Well ladies, there is a great tutorial on Youtube called Elegant Holiday Look” by Michelle Phan, a make-up artist and representative for Lancome Paris (a make-up company). In this video, she shows you how to wear your make-up in a very-glamourous-but-not-Lady-Gaga-like way. It’s a beautiful look for any party or gathering; I can’t wait to try it. And for all of you who can’t connect to the video, I will type out what she says in the video (the parts that are important) in this post. Also, what I put in parenthesis are the names of the products she’s using, for this was a promotional video for Lancome.

“I’m going to start out with my usual make-up routine. Using (Teint Miracle) foundation, you want to start from the center of the face and work your way out. Blending is key, and it’s always good to start with thin layers. I like to double up the foundation as concealer. This will look more natural, especially if you have slight dark circles. Setting your foundation is so crucial; It’ll keep your make-up from smudging. Using a pressed powder, load up your powder brush and gently brush all over your face to set your make-up. This will mattify your skin.

I don’t leave the house without grooming my (eye) brows! Your brows are like a frame to a picture; the picture will look much better if it’s paired with the right frame, so of course, you want to shape your brows perfectly for your eyes.

Now for the fun part- holiday inspired eyeshadows! Start out with a pretty pink color, and apply this on the base of your lids. Bring the color up along the crease; this is going to be the undertone. Bring the color down along the lower lashline. Now, using a plum color, apply it to your outer-V area, and exaggerate your crease by creating a line. Blend it to give it a smokier look. Using a sparkling silver color, apply this all over your lids; this will add sparkles to the colors. Now apply plum seduction on your lower lashlines. This will darken the look. With a small brush, take a sparkling white color and apply this right along the inner corners of your eyes. This will bring in more light to your eyes.

Moving on to eyeliner, using a black eyeliner, tight-line your eyes. And of course, finish off your eyes with flirty-looking lashes. Curl your lashes as usual, and apply your favorite mascara. And if your lashes need that extra boost, use demi lashes, and apply it right along the outer corner to exaggerate the length of your lashes and to also give you that flirty look. Using your favorite holiday blush, load up your brush, smile really big, and apply the color along your cheeks.

Finish off with ruby red lips. Line your lips first. Exaggerate the shape of your lips, especially the cupid’s bow. You want the shape to be sharp and defined. Now it’s time for ruby red lips. Finish off with your favorite ruby red color for your lips.

So now, you’re finished!”

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  1. Makeup? Why do girls even put it on? They should know that they are beautiful just the way they are!!

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