Super Committee Fails Again

The ‘Super Committee’ was created to prevent the rapid process of sovereign default that would have resulted from the 2011 debt-ceiling crisis. The original plan was for six Republicans and six Democrats to establish a bi-partisanship plan.

The congressional ‘Super Committee’ for deficit reduction has failed again to establish a new plan before the deadline. This failed agreement has shined new light onto Congress’s inability to pass legislation (evident in Congress’s low approval rating of 9%), and shows the natural partisanship of the 12 members.

“The [Committee] itself is kind of futile – politicians who already refuse to compromise will find a way to shave money off the deficit,” senior Wyatt Bertsch said. “It’s just added to partisan bickering, because the Republicans won’t accept anything except Obama’s defeat.”

The lack of political action is certainly attributed to the election year. Instead of worrying about the issues, they’re playing party politics. For example, Congress can bailout Europe faster that solving our own debt crisis. Above all the political spectrum has shifted from what the people want into what politicians want; a dangerous threat to democratic ideals. The ‘Super Committee’ is just another failed bureaucratic system in an era of selfishness and party politics.

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One thought on “Super Committee Fails Again

  1. Hello there Mr. Alec Gray! This was a very organized and interesting piece. Most political articles either bore the reader or provide excessive amounts of bothersome information. In my opinion, this was a great article! I used to be on Brahma Tales staff </3 But, I currently write for The Badger Times. I showed my advisor your article because we're having trouble with our own political Beat system, and she is now using your story as a template! Thank you for working hard! Tell the staff L.T. (that's me) said HI!

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