Fighting to Win – Debate

It’s human nature to quarrel over things ranging from what color a room should be to which candidate is the best choice to run our country. Very few people actually state facts and plan what they are going to say when they’re yelling in each other’s faces. The few that do are the debaters and Jan. 27-28 they went to a tournament in Houston.

When the debaters got to Lamar high school in Houston they waited for postings to come out and tell them who they were debating, where and when.

“There’s a little envelope and you randomly pick three topics and then you have 30 minutes to write a speech and present it, “Alec Gray(12) said,” Then they usually tell you which side you’re debating.”

After that happens the debaters go at it, arguing their sides, hoping to convince the judges that their side is the best.

“Then the judge adjudicates, and brings the ballad back,” Gray said, “Then we come back and wait for the next round.”

Because the tournament was 2-days there were four rounds, and after all the rounds the judges have a tabulation.

“This is where they decide who are the best people, and get to go on to out rounds, and then from there it’s the playoff system until somebody wins,” Gray said.

Here are the stats from the past from the past weekend’s tournament:

Wyatt Bertsch – 3rd place – Foreign Extemp
Wyatt Bertsch – 3rd place – Congressional Debate
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