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Chunky's 4 Horsemen Burger

Chunky’s Burgers is a Texas-inspired burger joint with a variety of burgers and sides. Chunky’s is now known for its infamous 4 Horsemen Burger, as seen on the Travel Channel’s Man vs. Food. The 4 Horsemen Burger is said to be one of the world’s hottest, containing four different types of chile peppers: jalapeno, serrano, habanero, and the bhut joiokia (more commonly known as “the ghost chile”). According to the Scoville Scale, bhut joiokia is between 855,000 and 1,463,700, just below the heat of pepper spray. The ghost chile is so extreme that when handling, you must wear protective gloves to prevent spice burns.

Phaal Curry

Another similar challenge is taking place in New York city, at Brick Lane Curry House, catering to the world’s spicy food fanatics. Here, the Phaal curry is said to be the spiciest in the world. Originating in Indian restaurants of the U.K., it is usually made with a large number of ground chile peppers or spicier peppers such as the habanero or a Scottish bonnet, and is a thick tomato-based curry. At Brick Lane, if it is consumed, the champion receives a certificate of honor and one free drink of choice.

Similarly in Brooklyn, New York at Buffalo Cantina, the “Suicide Six Wings” challenge is to eat the self-proclaimed “spiciest wings in the world” within six minutes.

These challenges are for the brave-hearted spicy food fanatics, and can sometimes result in harm or even death, so take caution.


Suicide Six WIngs


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