Classy Gifts Continue the Senior Tradition

Over the years, the school has acquired many gifts, some of them noticable, others not so much. This year, the class of 2012 will leave MacArthur the gift of renovation, with their plans to give the Senior Dining Hall a makeover in coming weeks.

Looking back, gifts from past classes have been given to the school by┬ámost of the graduating classes of seniors, so they can “leave their legacy on the campus,” as AP Secretary, Ms.Emory, said. If you ever wondered what some of the gifts were, here is your solution to finding them: below is a picture of each of the gifts with captions identifying (if known) which Senior class gave the gift.

Arch by Bus Loop
Brady Auditorium Foyer
Brahma in Courtyard (2003)
Brass face in arch
College bound brahmas (2010)
Concrete benches by office
Electronic Marquee
Famous Brahmas (2010)
Gate by outdoor eating area
Stained Glass M in library (1999)
Memory Hall (2009)
Memory Hall (2009)
Memory Hall (2009)
Mural in Boys Gym
Brahma (that we take to games)
Senior Dining Hall
Glass M in the courtyard
Stone sign in circle around (2000-2001)
Tarp in the boys gym
Band Scaffold
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