Varsity Boy Soccer Makes Playoffs

Varsity Boy’s soccer will attend the playoffs after their victory on Friday against Madison with a 1-0 win. The winning point was made in the second half by Zengwei Tong.

photo by Megan Feuerbacher
photo by Megan Feuerbacher

Tong went through six defensive players, breaking through to score the point that would end their regular season Рkey players also involved Jesse Montagna, Chris and Jon McLeod, Nico Loera, and Victor Rivas. The team came together for an explosively celebratory hug, as even the goalkeep, Brandon Pinkerton, ran all the way across the field to join the merrymaking.

This is the first time in five years Boys Varsity soccer will attend the playoffs, in comparison to Madison making the playoffs for the first time in 23 years. If the teams had tied, the playoff bid would have¬†been in Madison’s favor, meaning that Madison would be going to the playoffs over Mac.

“The team played particularly well,” senior Zach Royston said. “We dominated Madison with speed, endurance, and overall strength.”

Varsity Girl’s Soccer also won against Madison on Friday, 1-0 after securing their qualification for the playoffs mid-season. Come support soccer on Monday April 1 at Blossom Athletic Center (boys at 5:30pm, girls at 7:30pm on east field).

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