Girls Soccer Crashes Carroll’s Playoff Dreams

Girls Soccer after their second win in playoffs. Photo by Sarah Morales

The bleachers looked like a sea of blue and white last Thursday night as the school came to watch the second playoff game for girl’s soccer.

Last Monday night, girls soccer advanced in the playoffs in a 3-0 win against Judson and in their second game, the girls won 2-1 against Carroll High School from Corpus Christi.
The first two goals were scored within the first 20 minutes by Brianna Levecchi (#7) and Courtney Bertholf (#8) and the scoreboard stayed 2-0 until the last 15 minutes of the game when Carroll scored. The crowd started clapping and hollering and stomping, the Carroll side assuring their girls they could make a comeback and Mac’s side confident in their victory.
The ball traveled back and forth across the field, Mac and Carroll both taking more and more shots as the timer counted down signaling the game was over. Every player was sprinting and a new girl was subbed in whenever one on the field seemed tired.

The last minute of the game had the entire crowd on the edge of their seats as the ball whirred around the field. Each player had another on their heels, the field a blur of navy and white.

Mac came out victorious and shook hands politely with Carroll’s girls as the screaming and cheering from the supportive students, teachers, and parents that attended the game filled the stadium.

The team left the stadium looking relieved, content, and excited for game three of the playoffs.

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