VASE Competition Results

Artwork by Konnor Frazier Photo by Aly Zamora

This past weekend, eight art students competed in the State Visual Arts Scholastic Event competition and placed. Seven of the contestants placed as state medalists, two also placing as Gold Seal winners (a Gold Seal winner is someone whose artwork was ranked in the top 150 entries statewide).

“When I was younger, I would see a lot of cool videos of art on the internet, and I always thought that it was interesting, so when I decided to do this art piece, that is what inspired me,” Bonny Chu, a Gold Seal winner said. “There were so many talented works of art that I felt very small and insignificant when I was compared to them- I never thought I would have won this award and made it to national competition.”

In order for Konnor Frazier to win the scholarship, students had little over an hour to demonstrate their talent, skills, and creativity.  The students who produce the best artwork in that time frame are awarded a cash scholarship on the spot.

“I had to think of an original idea with limited time, so I drew on the first thing that came to mind,” Frazier said.  “A lot of my inspiration came from the show Face Off. There were several similarities between the competition and the show: pressure on time, creativity, and skill.”


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