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Mr. Obiefuna and his soccer team in Nigeria

The Outside Life of¬†MacArthur High’s Teachers

Students watch their teachers everyday teaching in front of the class, rarely stopping to realize that they don’t live in their classrooms . Contrary to what most of the student body thinks, teachers have lives outside of grading papers. Who would think teachers outside lives would actually be interesting?

Mr.Amos Obiefuna, an Algebra II teacher, not only has a passion for math but for the game of soccer. Most of his days after school are spent on the medical center soccer fields being a key player and the coach for the adult league team, the shooting stars. His love of the sport started at a young age in his hometown in Nigeria.

“In school all we did was soccer, after school and before school was soccer, we loved soccer,” Mr. Obiefuna said about his childhood.

Before coming to the states, Mr. Obiefuna and his soccer team won the sub regional title in Nigeria, he calls this his biggest accomplishment.

In 2005 he coached the South Side High School girls varsity soccer team, where he brought them to achieve great accomplishments. Since his high school coaching years he has been a referee  and has wrote articles on international and local soccer for a website he created himself called mainbow .com.

” I consider my self one of the top most soccer commentators and analysts,” Mr. Obiefuna said.

For those who know Mr.Obiefuna, it’s strange to picture him diving for the ball as goalie or on the sidelines with a stripped shirt and a whistle, but he loves the sport and that isn’t strange at all.

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