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Wanting to work in the medical field takes dedication, brains, and most of all- patience. The students have to always be willing put in two hundred percent. It means extra studying and going to school longer than people in other professions.

HOSA was established in 1976 and stands for Health Occupations Students of America.
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Little do most people know, they can get started during their high school years. Ashley Duke (10) plans to go into the medical field after high school and is in her second year as a HOSA member.

“HOSA is a club for high school students interested in the health field,” Duke said. “We have a lot of fun learning all about different medical professions.”

Not only is the club exciting to be a part of, but students also get to be around people who enjoy the same things as them, and have the same passions.

“I enjoy the club so much because I get to be around people who have similar goals,” Duke said. “I enjoy talking with them about what careers we are interested in.”

Aside from all the fun they have communicating and learning about each others goals, they also get to compete.

“We do have opportunities to compete, just like UIL teams,” Duke said. “There are all sorts of different categories depending what you are interested in doing.”

All things aside, they also get to venture out into the community.

“I would have to say my favorite thing about being in HOSA is the ability to volunteer in the community,” Duke said. “I love knowing that I’ve helped people and look forward to doing more of it in the future.”

Alongside volunteering and helping others, HOSA helps prepare their members for life after high school.

“HOSA allows me to learn more about what I want t0 do as my future career,” Duke said. “It prepares me so once I’m out of high school, I know what I’m getting myself into.”

To be able to enter the medical field takes a lot of things and accomplishments. HOSA prepares their members for that while also allowing them to be around people they share common interests with, volunteer, and have fun all at the same time.

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