Stand For Truth

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Throughout high school, acceptance is a huge part of the average, everyday students who want to be popular. They join different groups, sports, and clubs to be a part of something, or simply to find what they’re good at. Even having the most Facebook friends seems to be a big deal, adding or requesting someone, even if they don’t know who they are.

It’s unfortunate that as students join different groups and clubs, through peer pressure and fear of rejection, personalities and truths are hidden, suppressing their true identity. It’s said that there are a few things never to be spoken with friends, and among the worst is religion. Yet there are students who aren’t afraid to express their beliefs.

“It lets people know who you really are, show them the real you, to guide people when they need it,” Jacob Vasquez (11) said.

Some students believe that faith makes them who they are.

“Nothing should stop you from being you, to express what you feel, and to voice your opinion.” Kassidy Richardson (10) said.

If a friend makes fun of someone for what they believe, then maybe they aren’t really their friend, but that’s okay, because at that point they figure out who’s a real friend, and who’s not.

Dr.Frank Crane, Presbyterian minister, speaker, publisher, and a popular columnist said, “what is a friend? I will tell you. It is a person with whom you dare to be yourself.”

The voice a person has makes up who they are. If someone takes that away from them, then they lose their identity. To stand up at first may be hard, but don’t be afraid to speak up, be strong! The voice of an individual is the truth their life coveys. Stand up. Speak for truth. Live life vicariously through a higher standard.

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One thought on “Stand For Truth

  1. This is all true for almost any person in school. The problem is that all these clubs and orginazations are not for these people. Currently, me and some friends of mine are trying to start a Brony club, here at MacArthur. Like this, there should be more clubs were people are accepted and feel like they are, without having to deal with peer presure.

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