The Blue Who?

Schools want to be them.

Sports teams want to jump them.

Girls want to date them.

They are the Blue Crew.

“Samuel Garza and a group of his friends started Blue Crew last year,” William Tyler (11) said. “As  more and more people started getting involved, more and more people started showing up to sporting events. I like to think of the Blue Crew as a country; the other groups such as Bleacher Bums and Babes- which Alex Ramirez and I brought back- and Rowdy Row are just the states of this powerful country we call the Blue Crew.”


Rowdy Row, Bums and Babes and Blue Crew cheer for varsity football.
Photo by Sarah Morales

Essentially a student section, the Blue Crew are a group of guys who get rowdy at every game by chanting, dancing, whooping, singing, hollering, hooting – whatever it takes to get the team and fans pumped.

Leader Ruston Roy shows off dance skills
Photo by Sarah Morales

“They’re a raving bunch of lunatics who are dedicated to supporting Mac atheletes. We build up off that energy and it really helps,” varsity football and soccer player Elliot Clark (12) said.

BC Leaders Sammy Garza and Jacob Basse looking confident.
Photo by Sarah Morales

Perhaps the most definining quality of the student section royalty is their confindence- which often almost becomes cocky.

“The Blue Crew is a little louder and newer where as ‘Bums and Babes’ are older and the social aspect of it. We’ve established that Blue Crew sits higher on the throne,”  Blue Crew leader Juan Zapata (12) said.

William Tyler agrees.

“We’re the best group of students to ever step into a student section,” William Tyler (11) said.



Blue Crew Royalty looks down on peasants.
Photo by Sarah Morales

Though there’s no denying they have spirit, the group are far from model students. They got ejected from a soccer game for bringing a Chinese flag to support varsity player Zengwei Tong, provoked a basketball player from Madison so severely he was ejected from the game and went shirtless to a soccer game just to show off their painted chests.

“I can’t say we’re the sweetest group of guys and girls,” Basse said. “We are going to push it to the limits. That’s our style and I don’t plan on changing that.”

Zach Hamilton, or “Highlighter” Hamilton, spices up games.
Photo by Sarah Morales

The boys are at every sports event cheering, singing, dancing and trying to keep the crowd and team pumped, even if they are losing.

“We’re an elite class of student section,” leader Ruston Roy (12) said. “We took in the Bums and Babes and merged together, but we’ll take in anyone who wants to be idiots with us. We’re not dangerous but we are a little crazy. We’re just supporting the team.”

Madison High School created a similar rowdy student section called “Hype Crew” that premiered at a varsity volleyball game.

“They are very good, but they just can’t outdo us,” Zapata said. “They can’t quite hang with the big dogs.”

“The Big Dogs”.
Photo by Sarah Morales


No club is complete without shirts, and of course the blue crew is no exception with white lettering and a customized nickname on the back. If a student wants to join the group and  purchase a shirt, they can bring Sammy Garza $15.

“We’re the leaders and everyone follows our lead,”  leader Jacob Basse (12) said.

 With senior leaders, the crew is looking for sophomores and juniors to pass the crown down to.

“It’s not just a name for the student section but a name for opponents to be frightened of,” Zapata said.  “We made this name to have a title of what people will remember.”

With such high standards set this year, the only thing the student section has to ask themselves is:

Is the Blue in you?

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