Tennis Goes To The Semi Finals

“They’re the fourth best team in NEISD,” senior Lee Senter’s little brother said proudly.

The Varsity Team
Photo by Sarah Morales

The tennis team lost in the semi finals against Churchill at the Blossom Athletic Center courts Oct. 19, but finished fourth in districts.

Despite knowing Churchill’s tennis reputation, the team entered the tournament with enthusiam and confidence.

“They’ve been working throughout summer and all year,” first year coach Wyatt Brady said. “Winning is everybody’s goal. There’s 300 schools competing for the same position we are. It’s 24 of the hardest working kids in school working towards one goal, and that’s winning playoffs.”

The Varsity Team
Photo by Sarah Morales

Though the team didn’t make it as far they hoped they would, making semi finals is the farthest the tennis program has ever gone.

“We’ve worked very hard to make it this far,” Frank Dirosa IV (11) said. “We’ve put in a lot this year to make it where we are.”

Lee Senter and Logan Mask get ready to play.
Photo by Sarah Morales

The school spirit on the bleachers is high, but it’s usually parents and faculty rather than the student section. During the competition, 7 students showed up to support Mac instead of the usual one 0r none attendance.

“I can understand why people wouldn’t want to come,” India Nikotich (10) said. “The games are long and tennis can be confusing. I’m glad they came though.”

The Blue Crew shows up to support
Photo by Sarah Morales

Even though the team didn’t leave with the title they wanted, they displayed good sportsmanship.

“On the positive side, we knew Churchill was a good team,” Ali Diaz (12) said. “But we’re all a team, and this was a team effort. In the end it doesn’t matter.”

Frank “The Tank” Dirosa IV and “Prince” Ali Diaz dominate doubles against Churchill.
Photo by Sarah Morales
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