Let The Creative Juices Flow-Bullseye

The performers at open mic night entertain the crowd. Photo taken by Kyle Argueta
For some, genius and creativity flow out of a pen as they compose literary works of art. Various contrasting individuals have talent drip off paintbrushes and onto a canvas creating new picturesque pieces of artwork. Another entity even has melodic notes that can hypnotize ears, launching from their voices or a variety of instruments. Sadly many of them go unnoticed, not having any means of getting themselves out there.
Fortunately Bullseye offers plenty of events and occasions that allow students to put forth their amazing abilities for the whole school to see.
“[Bullseye] is a literary magazine,” member Sara Kay(11) said.
Bullseye is a student run organization that allows the community of MacArthur to submit their best work to show to the school.
“We take an accumulation of stories and poems and pictures that students take and write, and we put it into the magazine,” Kay said.
Bullseye also has contests about a particular theme which helps those who might not know what to write about, and gives them a chance to participate. Not only does their talent have to be articulated through two-dimensional works, Bullseye also offers an event called open mic night which allows students to get up in front of a crowd and perform.
“We offer students a way to express themselves through words,” Cody Knoblock(12) said.
Bullseye not only benefits students trying to make themselves known, it also allows those who join and participate a fun time and a learning experience. Students who join normally enjoy literary and are ecstatic to help out those who like to create.
“I like to write stories,” Knoblock said, “[Bullseye lets you] read some cool literature.”
At the end of the year, after the numerous open mic nights and story contests, Bullseye will sell their limited number of magazines to the students for 10 dollars.
“Right now we are trying to collect work,” Mr. Arnatt, the English teacher who sponsors Bullseye said. “We’re going to do a poetry contest this week. The month of November we’re going to do a short story contest. January we’re going to do general submissions. Then were going to judge them all, announce the people who are in the magazine, put it together and make it. That’s the whole process.”
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